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The Phonecall

Lately it’s happened more often than not that I’ve been woken up by a phonecall rather than my alarm clock. Somehow people manage to call me exactly 2 minutes before my alarm goes off, putting me off my dear morning rhythm. When this happened, more specifically two weeks ago, I barely managed to open my eyes to see that the number calling wasn’t familiar, and sounding as groggy as ever I picked up the phone and said ‘hey’. Instead of getting to tell a friend off for calling early, I was greeted by a male voice all the way from Tanzania, telling me I got the traineeship I wanted in development policy, starting this autumn and lasting four months! This was the last call I had expected to receive, I mean, what can you expect after sending an open application six months earlier and not hearing much in between?

Having dreamt about going to Africa for probably more than 15 years and seriously planned doing it for the past 5, it should go without saying that I accepted the offer immediately. Only later that afternoon it dawned on me that truly, after all the talk, I finally get to walk.



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