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Change of plans

The not-so-cheap-but-close-to-work apartment with a Tanzanian lady has been changed to a cheap-but-not-so-close-to-work apartment with two girls, one Swedish and one American-Chinese. Still close to the beach though = )

While it would have been interesting to stay with a Tanzanian woman for a while to get to know the culture better, I’m really happy to be moving in with two girls my age who are in Dar es Salaam for the same reasons – a traineeship – for about as long as I. It means I have someone to explore the city with and travel to neighbouring areas, share experiences and the dala-dala (shared taxi/mini bus) ride to town. I’ll write more about the area once I get there. With the finances and everything else sorted, I have no excuse but to start packing now.



2 thoughts on “Change of plans

  1. Tack! Ja det här vädret kommer jag inte att sakna genast 😀

    Posted by Nina | 3 September 2010, 08:53
  2. Tänk vad härligt, du åker imorgon bort från det här rusket 🙂

    Posted by Maria | 3 September 2010, 08:47

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