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The Samsonite is ready

For the next few days I’ll be on the travelling foot. Usually when you go for a trip, you say you’ll leave today, and you also know you’ll arrive at your destination, today. Because my trip down to Dar es Salaam will take three days (out of my own choice), I really don’t feel like I’m leaving Finland yet, since I won’t be at the end destination until the day after tomorrow. It’s a really strange feeling of emptiness. On one hand I’m very excited (and a bit anxious) about going to Tanzania but I still don’t believe it’s happening. I guess I’m just waiting for that 29 degree heat to hit me on Monday when I step out from the airplane…

Näkemisiin, Suomi!



One thought on “The Samsonite is ready

  1. Hej Nina,har läst lite här med min dålig engelska o förstått att allt väl där borta o du har klarat resan galant. Vilken var jätte lång. Önskar dig all lycka,med ditt nya jobb o att du kommer trivas bra där nere/uppe.Du är en mkt duktig tjej o är stolt över dig. Ta hand om dig!


    Posted by tiina | 8 September 2010, 06:34

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