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When speaking to Tanzanians in English, there’s one thing that’s quite impossible to miss. That is, often they put a cute “y” at the end of a word.

It’s fine when you’re with friends and they’re talking about going to the beachy, or when the landlady says something about the fridgey. But then when a Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs official holds a 20 minute long presentation about aidy and budgety supporty, it can become a bit difficult to concentrate on the actual content of the speech and not just the “y”s after every other word. The point when the use of “y” becomes more than just tricky was exemplified today. I finally got my residence permit, and on it is written in capital letters that it’s valid for eighty months. So long Finland, I won’t be back for a while!!!

Well, OK, it did say the exact end date at a later stage, but this time the use of “y” could have actually worked to my advantage.



One thought on ““y”

  1. hahaa, du fick mig att skratta högt. Sitter på en föreläsning om cognac (på franska) så måste lite hejda mitt fnissande 😀 kram!

    Posted by Sara | 12 October 2010, 11:14

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