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TRL: African autumn?

News outlets have been writing tirelessly about the Arab Spring ever since revolts began in Middle East and North Africa in January claiming lives and demanding democracy. The scale is smaller and less widespread, true, but it should not be left completely unnoticed what has been taking place in many parts of Sub-Saharan Africa too during the past few months. Fuelled by anti-government sentiments and a will to get rid of their dictators, many have poured to the streets for protests. Below are just a few examples, more to come?

1. Malawi: Arab Spring spreading South of the Sahara? – Steve Sharra, Global Voices

“The protests and riots of July 20 are fundamentally about governance and development, the enduring desire among Malawians for the establishment of a sustainable democratic developmental state.”

For pictures and tweets from the day, check out: A Day of Protests in Malawi: A Chronological Account from Afar – Haba na haba

2. Senegalese opposition says President must go – Rukmini Callimachi, ABC News

“The constitution only allows a president to serve for two terms, and Wade has angered the population of this normally stable country on Africa’s western coast by insisting on an interpretation of the electoral code which would allow him to run again in 2012. The protest marks the one-month anniversary of the violent June 23 demonstration which was the largest in this former French colony in decades.”

3. Several injured, 24 arrested in Angola anti-govt – Reuters Africa

“The rally, organised by a youth movement without the support of any of the main opposition parties, called for the resignation of President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who has held power in oil-rich Angola for over 32 years.”

4. Uganda unrest gathers pace despite bloody government crackdown – David Smith, Guardian

“Two weeks of growing unrest – triggered by rising food and fuel prices – have gained fresh impetus after the violent arrest of the opposition leader Kizza Besigye on Thursday. Critics say President Yoweri Museveni, in power for 25 years, is losing his grip. They claim his wildly disproportionate crackdown on Besigye’s “walk to work” protests smacks of panic and is sowing the seeds of popular revolt.”

5. Whatever happened to the African Spring? – Tom Goodfellow, Africa at LSE

“The kinds of strikes taking place in Uganda this week provide grounds for cautious optimism: they may be far from a ‘Jasmine revolution’ but they suggest that political mobilisation is crystallising into more institutionalised forms.”



One thought on “TRL: African autumn?

  1. no wayyyyy! Tom Goodfellow was my tutor for my Poverty course 😀
    i’m catching up with all ur entries, very nice!!

    Posted by Fla | 18 November 2011, 00:18

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