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Dirt road on the rural outskirts of Iringa, a city some 5-6 hours drive from Dar es Salaam. Seven young boys on their way to collect water from a well. Me with a car stuck in the mud. Curious kids next to it. An extra pack of biscuits. And an awe-struck moment.

The determination with which these young boys divided up the biscuits between themselves was just incredible, as I can only imagine how if a group of primary school-aged boys in Finland would’ve gotten a pack of biscuits the strongest one of them would’ve ripped the package to himself. Or would he have? Anyway, these Tanzanian kids had a pre-determined leader, the oldest, who took the pack, divided up all the biscuits in equal parts and distributed it to all the other kids. So simple and somehow yet so unusual to see. Sharing is caring.



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