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On red soil

Hakuna matata

No problems. That famous Swahili-phrase from the Lion King (though it is more common to say hamna shida/tatizo) is truly a guiding motto when travelling in Tanzania. Not only does it work as an excuse for those who are supposed to solve the problem, it also works in keeping everyone else calm. Picture above was taken on the same trip as my previous post, this time somewhere between Morogoro and Iringa. New beautiful scenery, new curious kids, and a new broken tire. Five flat tires in six days. How’s that possible, you ask? Spare ones can go flat too. As in this case. So what do you do? Sit and wait for an hour, two hours, three hours, hope that someone will pick you up before the night falls in the sparsely habited mountains. But hey, hakuna matata.



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