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Happy independence day! On this day, exactly 50 years ago, Tanzania’s visionary leader Nyerere (pictured) raised the placard for complete independence. A Zanzibari friend of mine gives however a cautious note on why this celebration isn’t as historically correct as it’s made to be: Tanganyika became independent 1961. Tanzania grew out of the union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar only in 1964. 

50 is a respectable age though, the ups and downs of it which I won’t delve into deeper now. Instead, have a look at Omar Mohammed’s blog post to commemorate this day with reflections on being a Tanzanian. And to keep up to date with more thoughts and writings on the topic, look up the #Tanzania50 hashtag on Twitter.

As Tanzanians at home and abroad celebrate this day, let’s all join in wishing them hongera sana (many congratulations)!



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