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Africa at LSE – academic insights on Africa from London School of Economics, their links section is also worth exploring for more information
 – central site of African blogs where you can for example explore most popular blogs by country, top female African bloggers and much more

East Africa
Vijana FM – active site, “a platform for visual, audio, or written content by the youth, and for the youth in East Africa”

Dar Sketches – drawings and writings from street level Dar es Salaam, well-captured and inspiring!
Dunia ni Duara – Danish photographer, communicator, development worker who lived many years in Dar es Salaam, includes amazing images and some excellent insights into the little details of life in Tanzania which are too easily forgotten when not there
Faustine’s Baraza – blogging on Tanzanian current affairs in English and Swahili
Kate Bomdiggity – mainly on Tanzanian art, culture, music, photography: great for inspiration and a break from the usual news you hear from Africa
Simba Deo – current affairs in Tanzania/Africa/elsewhere, in Swahili/English
Swahili Street – makes for a good read on Tanzanian current affairs, among others
Tanzanian Common Cents – financial and economic observations from Tanzania. Let’s hope it activates itself soon again!
The Mikocheni Report – in the writer’s own words: “Negotiating the intersection of Tanzania, feminism and politics since the second millenium. Blogging about it since the third.” Funny and insightful content
Udadisi – ‘rethinking in action’, a box of surprises when it comes to blog posts



Aidwatch – William Easterly’s project, discontinued but still a lot of interesting posts
Development Impact – World Bank’s blog on impact evaluation
From Poverty to Power – UK NGO Oxfam’s Duncan Green shares his thoughts

Africa is a Country – “The blog that’s not about famine, Bono, or Barack Obama.”

Chris Blattman – excellent insights from Columbia University professor who uses “field work and statistics to study poverty, political participation, the causes and consequences of violence, and policy in developing countries”
Development Drums – podcasts on development and poverty with some notable speakers
NYU Development Research Institute – Easterly’s new blog project with amusing (sometimes tragically so) insights into development issues
Owen Abroad – writings by Owen Barder, Europe director at Center for Global Development

Economics & Business
China in Africa: The Real Story – extremely insightful and informative blog on China’s doings in Africa, including links to other sites with more information on the two continents’ interactions
Dani Rodrik’s weblog – “Unconventional thoughts on economic development and globalization”
Kariobangi – writings by Italian PhD student in Nairobi “on industrialization, local development and entrepreneurship providing a new narrative of Africa’s future”
Roving Bandit – economics blog from former ODI fellow who was based in South Sudan

African Cities Reader – not really a blog, but interesting thoughts on city life and Africa in a PDF magazine format
Polis – ‘a collaborative blog about cities across the globe’
The Global Urbanist
– urban news and analysis from around the world


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