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Dirt road on the rural outskirts of Iringa, a city some 5-6 hours drive from Dar es Salaam. Seven young boys on their way to collect water from a well. Me with a car stuck in the mud. Curious kids next to it. An extra pack of biscuits. And an awe-struck moment. The determination with … Continue reading

Life and times of a Zanzibari police post.

Who said kids need helmets, as long as you have one on yourself? Meanwhile, more important matters to be taken care of and discuss at Zanzibari police post.

“I get by with a little help from my friends”

Little boy in Kibera slum, Nairobi. Picture courtesy of Akseli Lamminmäki, 2011.


”[W]ould it be too much to ask for people to look at the African city and see more than just poverty?”. Nanjala Nyabola makes a valid point in her article ‘The African city in European eyes’ accessible here on the Pambazuka website (which is by the way a great resource of opinion pieces and articles … Continue reading

Bongo Flava

Whether it’s a daladala ride in the morning sun or while having a beer at Rose Garden, the experience is not complete without it. That strangely addictive mellow mix of tropical beats and Swahili lyrics – bongo flava. The Tanzanian style of hip hop music, with influences from dancehall, r&b, reggae et al, was born in the 1990s. It’s said to be … Continue reading

The true size of Africa

A friend posted this and thought it has to be shared. Here’s a map which may surprise you (surprised me at least), showing the size of Africa compared to other countries. I do remember that when I was little, drawing world maps always started with Finland, then Europe, and before you know it, half of … Continue reading

Bongo Dar es Salaam

I found this video of an acoustic folk/hip hop song performed in both English and Swahili over a year ago, and right now it’s the perfect track to set me in a happy and sunny mood for the travels to come. Enjoy!

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