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Aid shambles: ..too many bakers..

This is the second (explanatory) post of a three-part series taking a critical look at aid from Tanzania. The first part, including the cake analogy, can be found here. It’s easy to criticise aid, if development woes of the past decades are all assigned to that. But to see why aid is functioning so poorly, … Continue reading

Aid shambles: One cake…

This is the first (introductory) post of a three-part series taking a critical look at aid. Imagine you’re a baker, and you’re baking a cake. The local cookbook isn’t finalised yet so you’re using a foreign one where measures and ingredients are different, meaning you have to improvise a little. While the cake is in … Continue reading

TRL: The times they are a-changin’

Gone are the days when the Western collective could claim moral and financial superiority in the world economy. Africa currently has seven of the world’s ten fastest growing economies, and its developments in ICT, infrastructure and business environment, among others, are making traditional donors and aid modalities obsolete. Below are a few recent articles on the unfolding … Continue reading

TRL: Somalia, not all about bad news

The on-going hunger catastrophe in Somalia and around the East African region is serious and sad, and the problems of delivering Western food aid is only one of the many troubled news we hear from there. In fact, anything written about Somalia these days seem to have a negative tone. Here are a few news stories providing a break … Continue reading

Professional communication

Some have asked what I do at work here. Well, one thing is to go to meetings, another is to answer e-mails that follow. Here’s an e-mail conversation that’s just too funny to keep to my Inbox only! Sent: 25. February 2011 9:19 Subject: Goodmorning Dear X (me) Please would I find a favor to … Continue reading

Greetings from ‘the bushes’!

“It’s time for you to get out to the bushes” was my superior’s comment in a meeting on Wednesday. And with those words it was decided I get to join another colleague on a 3-day big field mission to do a technical review of local governments’ financial and economic capacities and performance. Even though the … Continue reading

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