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Hakuna matata

No problems. That famous Swahili-phrase from the Lion King (though it is more common to say hamna shida/tatizo) is truly a guiding motto when travelling in Tanzania. Not only does it work as an excuse for those who are supposed to solve the problem, it also works in keeping everyone else calm. Picture above was … Continue reading

Sharing is caring

Dirt road on the rural outskirts of Iringa, a city some 5-6 hours drive from Dar es Salaam. Seven young boys on their way to collect water from a well. Me with a car stuck in the mud. Curious kids next to it. An extra pack of biscuits. And an awe-struck moment. The determination with … Continue reading

“I get by with a little help from my friends”

Little boy in Kibera slum, Nairobi. Picture courtesy of Akseli Lamminmäki, 2011.

A weekend in Dar

First week has gone by in such a rush, strange to think I only got here a week ago and so much has already happened. The work week was short for me though, only three days thanks to Eid Il-Fitr celebrations which made Friday a public holiday. The funny thing is though that at 10pm … Continue reading

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