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TRL: The times they are a-changin’

Gone are the days when the Western collective could claim moral and financial superiority in the world economy. Africa currently has seven of the world’s ten fastest growing economies, and its developments in ICT, infrastructure and business environment, among others, are making traditional donors and aid modalities obsolete. Below are a few recent articles on the unfolding … Continue reading

TRL: Somalia, not all about bad news

The on-going hunger catastrophe in Somalia and around the East African region is serious and sad, and the problems of delivering Western food aid is only one of the many troubled news we hear from there. In fact, anything written about Somalia these days seem to have a negative tone. Here are a few news stories providing a break … Continue reading

Shilingi ngapi?

How many shillings? Whether you use this phrase with a salesperson known or unknown to you, it basically always ends with a long bargaining process. After a while, you learn that there are some products which are impossible to bargain down the price for, since no one would sell at a loss, but these products are rare. Most prices … Continue reading

On famine

UN declared famine in Southern Somalia yesterday, after months of drought and hunger in the Horn of Africa. Looking at the map, large parts of Ethiopia and Kenya are not doing well either. It’s a serious and sad situation, but I find it somehow ironic that it was the Famine Early Warnings System Network that published … Continue reading

Babu’s Cup

The most visited place in Tanzania? Not Dar es Salaam by far. Not Zanzibar. Not even Serengeti. Not at least now. The new place to be is Loliondo. A small village on the Kenyan border in Northern Tanzania.  And the attraction? Babu’s cup. Babu is Swahili and means grandfather. It is also the new nickname … Continue reading

Football fever

I went to my first Premier League game yesterday. Football is big in Africa as most people are aware of, and it won’t take long before you know whether you’re dealing with an Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United or the occasional Liverpool or Barcelona fan, judging by the shirt, accessories of the person or by the … Continue reading

Explosions in the sky

Written 16.2.2011 at 11:30pm After a nice Ethiopian meal me and my friend waddle through the narrow lanes of Namanga to the bajaj stands. On the way my friend pays attention to some strange sounds in the air, but I just assume it’s a car bumping away with a loud bass. When I get my … Continue reading

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