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Urban transport dreams

African cities are walking cities, but are they walkable? ‘No’ was the immediate answer that came to my mind, but the title of the Walkonomics/This Big City blog post made me curious enough to read more. According to it, walking is “the most popular form of transport” in urban Africa. Realistic enough, there are millions … Continue reading

TRL: African autumn?

News outlets have been writing tirelessly about the Arab Spring ever since revolts began in Middle East and North Africa in January claiming lives and demanding democracy. The scale is smaller and less widespread, true, but it should not be left completely unnoticed what has been taking place in many parts of Sub-Saharan Africa too … Continue reading

All Africans are lazy. Fiction.

Compared to developmental advances made in Asia, how come Africans are still so poor? That’s a matter of constant debate, but one assumption reiterated through word of mouth and still strong in popular belief is that Africans are lazy. They don’t work hard enough and thus they don’t have enough money. Based on the few weeks I’ve spent in … Continue reading

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