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TRL: The times they are a-changin’

Gone are the days when the Western collective could claim moral and financial superiority in the world economy. Africa currently has seven of the world’s ten fastest growing economies, and its developments in ICT, infrastructure and business environment, among others, are making traditional donors and aid modalities obsolete. Below are a few recent articles on the unfolding … Continue reading

On famine

UN declared famine in Southern Somalia yesterday, after months of drought and hunger in the Horn of Africa. Looking at the map, large parts of Ethiopia and Kenya are not doing well either. It’s a serious and sad situation, but I find it somehow ironic that it was the Famine Early Warnings System Network that published … Continue reading

7th Heaven, pt. 2

#2 You can easily get lost in Stone Town Stone Town is the old part of the capital Zanzibar Town on Unguja, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s got a lovely charm and reminds me a little bit of Italy actually with the narrow, winding streets, small shops and cafés and countless scooters. It’s … Continue reading

7th Heaven, pt. 1

7th time’s the charm, isn’t that how the saying goes? During my 8-month stay in Dar es Salaam I managed to go to Zanzibar 7 times, and got mocked at least as many times by my Tanzanian friends for visiting there so often. My non-Tanzanian friends were more understanding though; if you can go to … Continue reading

Bongo Flava

Whether it’s a daladala ride in the morning sun or while having a beer at Rose Garden, the experience is not complete without it. That strangely addictive mellow mix of tropical beats and Swahili lyrics – bongo flava. The Tanzanian style of hip hop music, with influences from dancehall, r&b, reggae et al, was born in the 1990s. It’s said to be … Continue reading

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