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Wedding WOW

Weddings in Tanzania are big business, and had I not witnessed a part of it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it’s that big. Firstly, usually parents of the two intending to get married live happily in the unkonown of the relationship until the very moment the couple decides to tie the knot. Both sides of … Continue reading


Umechelewa? (Are you late?) Umeelewa? (Do you understand?) Umelewa? (Are you drunk?) It’s all so similar. So today when the guy who has been putting rice and beans on my plate every day at Holidae Out for the past six months asks me “umeolewa?”, I have to think for a while what he means. Following … Continue reading

Professional communication

Some have asked what I do at work here. Well, one thing is to go to meetings, another is to answer e-mails that follow. Here’s an e-mail conversation that’s just too funny to keep to my Inbox only! Sent: 25. February 2011 9:19 Subject: Goodmorning Dear X (me) Please would I find a favor to … Continue reading

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