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Malaika, my love

A beach bar of many names, from early Dar Alive and Malaika to the latest Mbalamwezi Beach Club, somehow Malaika is still the most suiting name for a pretty place (and easiest/shortest to pronounce). Swahili for ‘angel’. Just 5 minutes away from my home in Mikocheni lay a little paradise. Malaika is quite easy to miss … Continue reading

Wedding WOW

Weddings in Tanzania are big business, and had I not witnessed a part of it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it’s that big. Firstly, usually parents of the two intending to get married live happily in the unkonown of the relationship until the very moment the couple decides to tie the knot. Both sides of … Continue reading

Bongo Flava

Whether it’s a daladala ride in the morning sun or while having a beer at Rose Garden, the experience is not complete without it. That strangely addictive mellow mix of tropical beats and Swahili lyrics – bongo flava. The Tanzanian style of hip hop music, with influences from dancehall, r&b, reggae et al, was born in the 1990s. It’s said to be … Continue reading

Nimechoka kungoja highway

Traffic jams in Dar es Salaam are a chapter of their own. Getting from home to work, which is about 10 kilometres, can take anything from 20 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the time of the day. When I finish work at 3.30pm, the traffic is supposedly not that bad yet so that getting 5 … Continue reading

Bongo Dar es Salaam

I found this video of an acoustic folk/hip hop song performed in both English and Swahili over a year ago, and right now it’s the perfect track to set me in a happy and sunny mood for the travels to come. Enjoy!

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