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Wedding WOW

Weddings in Tanzania are big business, and had I not witnessed a part of it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it’s that big. Firstly, usually parents of the two intending to get married live happily in the unkonown of the relationship until the very moment the couple decides to tie the knot. Both sides of … Continue reading

“And there won’t be snow in Africa this Christmas time..”

Sun is shining, palm trees are swaying, a 30 degree breeze blows from the Indian Ocean. And tomorrow is Christmas Eve. How did that happen?! Christmas took me completely by surprise this year. When I was young I sometimes started preparing presents already in October and had them wrapped weeks before the E-day. Now it … Continue reading

Greetings from ‘the bushes’!

“It’s time for you to get out to the bushes” was my superior’s comment in a meeting on Wednesday. And with those words it was decided I get to join another colleague on a 3-day big field mission to do a technical review of local governments’ financial and economic capacities and performance. Even though the … Continue reading

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