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Urban transport dreams

African cities are walking cities, but are they walkable? ‘No’ was the immediate answer that came to my mind, but the title of the Walkonomics/This Big City blog post made me curious enough to read more. According to it, walking is “the most popular form of transport” in urban Africa. Realistic enough, there are millions … Continue reading


Umechelewa? (Are you late?) Umeelewa? (Do you understand?) Umelewa? (Are you drunk?) It’s all so similar. So today when the guy who has been putting rice and beans on my plate every day at Holidae Out for the past six months asks me “umeolewa?”, I have to think for a while what he means. Following … Continue reading


“Foleni” is the Swahili word for traffic jam, and it is used daily. I know I wrote about the traffic chaos that ensues every afternoon when I catch the daladala home – yesterday it only took me 1½ hours! – so I’ll let someone else talk about the organised mess now instead (and prove my … Continue reading

What’s the story, morning glory?

It’s not even 9pm and I’m feeling ready to go to bed. When I first heard that work will start at 7:15 here, I was mildly shocked. I am definitely no morning person and love to sleep until at least 11am if I get the chance. To my surprise though, I got used to the … Continue reading

Nimechoka kungoja highway

Traffic jams in Dar es Salaam are a chapter of their own. Getting from home to work, which is about 10 kilometres, can take anything from 20 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the time of the day. When I finish work at 3.30pm, the traffic is supposedly not that bad yet so that getting 5 … Continue reading

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