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Hakuna matata

No problems. That famous Swahili-phrase from the Lion King (though it is more common to say hamna shida/tatizo) is truly a guiding motto when travelling in Tanzania. Not only does it work as an excuse for those who are supposed to solve the problem, it also works in keeping everyone else calm. Picture above was … Continue reading


This Saturday me and a few friends decided to take a day trip one hour from Dar es Salaam up north to the coastal town of Bagamoyo. It’s Tanzania’s oldest city, founded in the 18th century and functioned as the capital of German East Africa during the colonial days. Now it’s listed as Tanzania’s seventh … Continue reading

Greetings from ‘the bushes’!

“It’s time for you to get out to the bushes” was my superior’s comment in a meeting on Wednesday. And with those words it was decided I get to join another colleague on a 3-day big field mission to do a technical review of local governments’ financial and economic capacities and performance. Even though the … Continue reading

Preparations preparations

In exactly two weeks I’ll most probably be sitting at home, super tired and thinking back at my first day at work. In Dar es Salaam. Things have been hectic at times here in Finland this summer and there’s been a lot of things to take care of in preparation for the trip, but I’m … Continue reading

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