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Between social media and ignorance, what is there?

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania has flooded. If this is the first time you hear the news, you might say “ok” and continue as if it never happened. “After all, there was just a huge flooding in the Philippines, which was all over the news. Dar es Salaam hasn’t even been mentioned, the flooding can’t be … Continue reading

TRL: The times they are a-changin’

Gone are the days when the Western collective could claim moral and financial superiority in the world economy. Africa currently has seven of the world’s ten fastest growing economies, and its developments in ICT, infrastructure and business environment, among others, are making traditional donors and aid modalities obsolete. Below are a few recent articles on the unfolding … Continue reading

A letter to the editor

Common currency emerging in Africa, the title says. Any comments? I was quite disturbed by the picture this well-known Finnish business paper had chosen to put on its frontpage, and as I’ve been feeling very well-versed lately (as you can see from increased blog-posting), I decided to take matters into my own hands and send … Continue reading

Thoughts in transit

Having been stranded at the Dubai airport for six hours tonight with another two to go, I’ve had some time to think about what it really meant to live in and now leave Tanzania. The last few weeks have been such a mix of feelings. Going to Tanzania my air was filled with excitement and … Continue reading

“And there won’t be snow in Africa this Christmas time..”

Sun is shining, palm trees are swaying, a 30 degree breeze blows from the Indian Ocean. And tomorrow is Christmas Eve. How did that happen?! Christmas took me completely by surprise this year. When I was young I sometimes started preparing presents already in October and had them wrapped weeks before the E-day. Now it … Continue reading

All Africans are lazy. Fiction.

Compared to developmental advances made in Asia, how come Africans are still so poor? That’s a matter of constant debate, but one assumption reiterated through word of mouth and still strong in popular belief is that Africans are lazy. They don’t work hard enough and thus they don’t have enough money. Based on the few weeks I’ve spent in … Continue reading

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