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When it rains, it pours

When it rains in Zanzibar, or Tanzania for that matter, it pours. There’s no middle way. If you had something drying on the line, expect to leave them hanging there for another day (or three, if you, like me, happen to be out during rain spells in the rainy season, and never manage to get … Continue reading

7th Heaven, pt. 4

#4 Spices, spices, spices Zanzibar is known as the Spice Island, and for a pretty good reason. The whole middle part of Unguja is covered in spice plantations, and apart from tourism, it’s one of the biggest driver’s of the economy. So whether it’s fresh cumin, vanilla-flavoured tea or any colour of peppercorn you’re looking for, … Continue reading

Life and times of a Zanzibari police post.

Who said kids need helmets, as long as you have one on yourself? Meanwhile, more important matters to be taken care of and discuss at Zanzibari police post.

7th Heaven, pt. 3

#3 The Beach Boys are world famous! Not the 60’s band, but the countless dudes who like to hang around the more tourist-flocked beaches of Zanzibar, looking for chatting company, payment for guide services or maybe even a girlfriend, if you’re lucky! Some are plain annoying, like the one who came over all the time … Continue reading

7th Heaven, pt. 2

#2 You can easily get lost in Stone Town Stone Town is the old part of the capital Zanzibar Town on Unguja, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s got a lovely charm and reminds me a little bit of Italy actually with the narrow, winding streets, small shops and cafés and countless scooters. It’s … Continue reading

7th Heaven, pt. 1

7th time’s the charm, isn’t that how the saying goes? During my 8-month stay in Dar es Salaam I managed to go to Zanzibar 7 times, and got mocked at least as many times by my Tanzanian friends for visiting there so often. My non-Tanzanian friends were more understanding though; if you can go to … Continue reading

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