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Now craving: Krest Bitter Lemon

There’s no better drink to cool you down than a Krest Bitter Lemon, served ice-cold in the hot midday sun with ‘sweat’ dripping off the side of the 350ml glass bottle. In fact anything by Krest would be good right now, be it Bitter Lemon, Soda Water or Tonic Water. Krest is a Coca-Cola product found in East Africa, and I don’t know if it’s the fact that it only comes in glass bottles, or that it actually has a very different taste, but Schweppes has got nothing on it!

I’ve never liked Tonic Water, but as soon as I got a taste of it in Tanzania, I changed my mind. And when some months later I had my first taste of Bitter Lemon, I was sold. I was even planning on smuggling some glass bottles back home but when I had gotten my bags packed and spread other items around for my colleagues to bring back to Finland on their summer holiday, I had to give up on the idea. Had a last sip of it at the Julius Nyerere International Airport though, and carry the cap as a memory of a fine drink.



2 thoughts on “Now craving: Krest Bitter Lemon

  1. Craving some Bitter Lemon. Any substitute suggestions?

    Posted by teaxplorer | 12 May 2014, 10:19


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